Left coast

I hit the ground running hard upon returning to Socal. After a delayed flight (thanks Southwest), we arrived home at 11pm, or 2am in the time zone we departed. Long day.

Today I had an 8am meeting, then other meetings downtown in the afternoon. Before the 8am, I spent a while texting back and forth with an old friend who is fighting for his life (cancer). It was great chatting with him, and of course I hate the hand life has dealt him. We both love music, and we compared notes on David Gilmour and Tame Impala video concerts. I hope we get to watch some together.

The continuing cool damp weather in Socal has created a superbloom of every plant and weed around here. It’s weird seeing the topography like this – so green, so damp. Maybe San Diego becomes the new Seattle, and vice versa. I’d be OK with that. Minus the Starbucks.

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