Great day

Big day yesterday, mostly great. Rough start, though. Needed some good coffee – the house is sadly bereft of food and basics – and went to Heine Brothers down the street. Bought some expensive bean coffee, asked the 20-something waiting on me to grind it for me. After watching her futz with the grinding machine for 15-20 minutes and spill a lot of the grounds she produced, I finally got my bag. I politely asked if the spillage was normal and got a ton of attitude from the server and her team mates. I explained that at $15 per small bag of beans, the spillage I saw was an issue. I got a lot of scorn and pushback from the coffee gang and just left. The customer isn’t always right, it seems. Heine Brothers lost someone who could have bought a lot of coffee there.

Things got better. We broke out the Aventon e-bikes and took a 20-mile ride, first through the Hurstborne neighborhood and then further east at Floyd’s Fork, starting just south of Valhalla. The homes around Hurstborne CC are spectacular, mostly big, big places, and when I got home and looked online, not that expensive. Homes that I thought might be $1-2M were about half that. Their price per square foot was about half my neighborhood, which seems odd. Have to talk to my realtor cousin Marci about that.

The 10 mile round trip ride through the parks on the bike path from US60 south was gorgeous. Great views of Floyd’s Fork and surreal sections of riding through deep forest canopy. One short moment of terror when my shoe string got tangled up in the bike’s pedal, but I avoided a bad crash by stopping immediately. Need some slip-on bike shoes.

A quick lunch at Gander (recommend the black and blue salad with steak on it), then we went to see the grandsons and had a great time with them. They’re growing so fast.

All in, an excellent day with perfect weather. Couldn’t ask for more.