A Travelogue (yes, it’s really spelled like that)

After some personal tragedy this past year (a story for another time), we’ve decided to do something quite unexpected and take up camping with a small pull-behind caravan (or camper or RV, though I prefer the term “caravan” in honor of one of my favorite movies, “Snatch”.)

Part of the camping life involved slowing down; lots of quiet time. I decided to use some of that quiet time to kickstart my writing habits by documenting our travels. I may decide to include our non-caravan travels, which have become extensive as well. So here goes.

List of places we’re traveling to in 2019:

Hawaii (Kauai)

Westlake Village, CA

Louisville, KY (several times)

Ashland, KY

Borrego Springs, CA

Big Bear Lake, CA

Seattle, WA

Alaska (multiple cities, via cruise ship)

Victoria, BC (one quick day via cruise ship)

Paso Robles, CA

Sydney, AU (Kathryn only)

Lake Skinner, CA (Kathryn only, ladies camping trip)

Via de Guadaloupe, Mexico

New Orleans (Jeff only, golf trip)

Aspen, CO

Pittsburgh, PA (Jeff only, another golf trip)

Malta and Sicily