Two SOBs in the news

The walls are closing in on 45, our first SOB. I think this crime is the one that’ll take him down. He played hide and seek with classified documents and the FBI has witnesses with details.

A deal will have to be cut. He can’t go to a regular prison (the Secret Service protection is a real problem), but he can be restricted to his property, fined, his passport taken, and he can be kept from ever holding public office again. I would want more, but I’ll settle for a conviction. No one is above the law.


This news just makes me sad. And angry. The Supreme Court just weakened the EPA’s ability to regulate for clean water. The EPA is/was one of the best things that ever happened to a modern industrial society – clean air, clean water and control of poisons are just common sense. I don’t know who abused Sam Alito as a child, but he sure is one hateful SOB. The Roberts court is out of control – who the fuck gave them the right to rewrite a law passed by Congress so as to change the outcome. That *not* how the Court is supposed to work. Congress passes laws, and the Court decides if the laws infringe on Constitutional rights. If it does infringe, they strike it down and send it back to Congress for action. They don’t rewrite the damn thing to fit an agenda. But that’s exactly what the Alito gang did.