Bad news all around, but then you see a picture of Tom Hanks

I used to think that my habit of split sleep – sleeping 3-4 hours, then spending a while awake, then another 3ish hours – was a good thing. Maybe even healthy; normal. But lately that second half of sleep isn’t happening. After a few days of half-sleep, I’m zombified. Keep Woody Harrelson away from me.

The news this morning is pretty much all bad. Trump is rising again in public opinion, people keep killing each other, politicians keep finding new lows of behavior, etc. Is my lack of sleep making me a Debby Downer or is that just the reality? Hard to say.

Today is a travel day so I get to try and take a nap cuddled up next to some new friends on Southwest. That’ll be fun. But it will be great to see the May flowers in KY and the family. Jesse turns three next week, which seems odd – it feels like he’s always been with us.

Finally today, this NPR story about Tom Hanks writing his first novel includes an honest picture where he doesn’t look like a movie star, he looks just like me. But older than me, and we’re the same age. Ha! I can take some schadenfreude-ish joy in that.