Lucky Wednesday

What a difference a day makes. Today it’s gloomy, cold and rainy. Yesterday was this.

Golf at the beautiful Torrey Pines North course with two of my best friends. Doesn’t get any better than that. In addition to the beautiful weather, the setting and the company, we got an unexpected airshow. All afternoon F-18s, Ospreys, and F-35s (!!) took off from Miramar and rocketed straight over us. The afterburner noise from the the jets was spectacular – you could feel it in your bones. I’ve never see so many takeoffs in so short a period – I’m estimating we saw/heard 50-60 of them in a couple of hours. Evidently a carrier or two was running exercises off the CA coast.

The picture above is from the postcard-worthy 12th hole, a very cool par 3. I missed a putt and bogeyed it, without a care in the world.

Postscript – today’s rain makes this year’s total the 2nd highest rain total in at least 20 years – that’s as far back as I have found annual rain records for Fallbrook. The single wettest year was 2004, the year we moved here. After that year we thought it would always be nice and wet here, only to enter a 20 year drought period. Figures.