Bike crazy

We’ve been all over the place biking this trip. The list includes:

  • Hurstborne
  • Cherokee Park
  • Iroquois Park
  • Waverly Park (not recommended)
  • Seneca Park
  • St Matthews neighborhoods
  • Broad Run and Turkey Run
  • Floyd’s Fork
  • Anchorage Village
  • Biltmore Estate in Asheville
  • Various side streets around Frankfort Avenue

And I’m sure I’m forgetting somewhere. One factor is we’re renting a minivan, a first for me. I always made fun of minivans, but it makes loading and unloading the e-bikes so easy. Every other option (mostly SUVs) requires completely folding up the bikes and horsing them around to get them into a small cargo area. Not so with the minivan – just fold down the handlebars, lean them against the sides of the cargo area and bungee them in. Easy and fast.

And the weather has been perfect for biking. We’ve covered 150+miles. Louisville is a biking mecca.

Just pay the bills, morons

Congress’ idiotic negotiations over paying our already-incurred debts is getting old. Misdirection, lies and bad faith abound. From Letters From An American today:

Yesterday the far-right House Freedom Caucus called for an end to any discussions of raising the debt ceiling until the Senate passes its bill calling for extreme budget cuts. Today, former president Trump announced on his social media channel that “REPUBLICANS SHOULD NOT MAKE A DEAL ON THE DEBT CEILING UNLESS THEY GET EVERYTHING THEY WANT (Including the ‘kitchen sink’).” THAT’S THE WAY THE DEMOCRATS HAVE ALWAYS DEALT WITH US. DO NOT FOLD!!!”

(In reality, Congress raised the debt ceiling without conditions three times when Trump was president as Trump added an astonishing almost $7.8 trillion to the national debt, much of it thanks to his tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations before the coronavirus pandemic hit.) 

Immediately after Trump’s demand, the Republicans walked away from negotiations over the budget that they are demanding before they will vote to raise the debt ceiling. 

Then, hours later, they came back to the table. 

Meanwhile, the headline in the Washington Post read: “World watches in disbelief and horror as U.S. nears possible default.” The story by Rachel Siegel and Jeff Stein revealed that at the meeting of the G7 leaders in Hiroshima, Japan, this week, the finance ministers for the G7—Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the European Union—have been pulling U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen aside to ask her what is going to happen.

“Around the world,” Siegel and Stein write, “experts have been watching in disbelief as the U.S. flirts with its first default, fearful of the potential international economic ramifications—and astonished by the global superpower’s brush with self-sabotage.”

Heather Cox Richardson

Biden should just go ahead and invoke the 14th Amendment clause and tell these asshats to go do something productive.