Four horrific years, and then three great ones

This is interesting. A Giuliani employee has filed suit against Rudy, and she seems to have some leverage:

The story of her time with Giuliani, whom she describes as a chronically alcoholic sexual abuser prone to racist and sexist outbursts, is bad enough—and she claims to have recordings—but her other allegations are politically incendiary. She claims to have heard Giuliani say that he was selling presidential pardons for $2 million a pop, splitting the proceeds with Trump, and that Giuliani told her on February 7, 2019, “about a plan that had been prepared for if Trump lost the 2020 election.” Specifically, Giuliani told Ms. Dunphy that Trump’s team would claim that there was ‘voter fraud’ and that Trump had actually won the election…. That same day, Giuliani had Ms. Dunphy sit in on a speakerphone conversation about a potential business opportunity involving a $72 billion dollar gas deal in China.” 

Also of note is her claim that, since part of her job was managing emails, Giuliani gave her access to his email account. The system stored at least 23,000 emails on her own personal computer, including “privileged, confidential, and highly sensitive” emails from, to, or concerning Trump, his children Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Eric Trump; Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner; Trump’s lawyers and advisors; media figures including Rupert Murdoch, Sean Hannity, and Tucker Carlson; and so on. 

Letters From An American, Heather Cox Richardson, 5/16/23

There doesn’t seem to be any end to the corruption of the circle around Trump. I’m amazed we survived four years of that crew.


In more wholesome news, Jesse’s 3rd birthday party was a hit. He was so much fun. When he got a bubble making gun as a gift, he declared “Now it’s a party!”. I have no idea how that phrase came from a three year old kid, but…there it is.