Hasta luego

Today is a clean up, button up the house and travel day. We’ve had the pleasure of some of the best weather I’ve ever seen in KY. Consistently sunny and cool, low humidity. Don’t know what we did to deserve it, but it has been great,

In Socal it’ll be just the opposite. Wade through the piles of mail, do some financial updates and re-occupy the house. In addition it’s time to spray the olive grove with clay to keep what should be a bumper crop of olives intact (see Olive Fly, the Satan of insects). That’s a 2-3 day work project, done twice per season. The amazing olive oil at the end makes the work worth it.

We took one last long ride yesterday at Beckley Creek Park out by Valhalla (I’ve been referring to it as Floyd’s Fork, which isn’t quite correct). The Parklands contain the best bike trails I’ve seen anywhere. Nothing like them in our part of Socal.

And we had one last meal at Taco Choza, this time trying their burrito bowls. Highly recommended.

I’m sure that when I’m back in June the weather won’t be so perfect. But these guys will still be around.

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