A couple of hours relaxing at the lodge and away from airports have improved one’s mental health immensely. They have great old leather couches here, my favorite, and I’m currently ensconced on one. A nap is imminent. Meanwhile, I’ve noticed two interesting things right off the bat:

  1. The lodge had no power, no electricity when we arrived. They got their generator started and now most things work here, including Wifi. It’s sporadic, but it’s mostly on. Apparently this is normal – S Africa has ongoing and systemic problems with their power grid. I know some engineers who could fix this. Microgrids, anyone?
  2. Walking around the property, we could just as easily be in San Diego. Same flora, halfway around the world. Can’t really tell about the trees because it’s winter here and anything deciduous has dropped its leaves. But the succulents, flowers, cycads, etc. are all the same as at our CA home.

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