Back to the grind

July 5th. Back to work for most of the western world. Just another Wednesday for us semi-retired folks in the last quarter of life. Good Independence Day yesterday, though I missed seeing fireworks. I’ve always loved fireworks, the bigger and deeper the boom the better. I suppose that explains my speakers.

Another list I wish KY wasn’t on.

Look, suppose I won an afterlife lottery and the prize was getting to come back for another lifetime – with a catch. My adult life would be dedicated to eating more hot dogs faster than anyone on Earth. My immediate response would be “Let’s have a look at second prize, shall we?” Joey Chestnut is one weird dude having a weird life.

Today’s gonna be a quiet day – reading, writing, and medicating. I cooked like crazy yesterday and it wore me out. Smoked beef ribs, chipotle grilled corn salad, grilled romaine with shiitakes, bacon and onion topping, and smoked peach cobbler. Made some mistakes, but the meal was pretty good in spite of them. Today it’s right back to barely eating.