After watching all four of the Cats’ winning games at GLOBL Jam in Canada, I have to say I’m excited for the fall season. The Cats looked great across the board, with depth, high energy, great early season teamwork. And they’re one of the best 3-shooting teams I’ve ever seen. There are five (five!!) guys who can shoot from anywhere with high percentage – Reed Shepherd, Justin Edwards, Antonio Reeves, DJ Wagner, and Tre Mitchell. What are the odds of all five of them having the same off night? Low, very low. We’ll destroy some teams with 3s this season.

As for the big men, I’m ambivalent about when our two 7-footers are ready to play. Yeah, I think we’ll need them against some teams. But this team is so good with the small-ball lineup (no one taller than 6’8″), having the bigs will only be necessary against a few opponents. Think last years’ TN team with that monster in the paint. For the moment, Thiero is doing his best to play strong against some bigger opponents, and doing it very well. Thiero was a beast in these games. Likable kid, too.

Anyway, I promised not to get too optimistic about the team after only an exhibition summer tourney, but damn. These guys are good! November can’t get here soon enough.


All the weather services say it’s gonna get hot in Socal today. Like 102+ degrees hot. Good day to stay inside, but I have to go visit the Kaiser clinic to get the hole in my arm patched up. Happy to do that, no matter the weather.

And the hot weather isn’t local. Turns out the Sun will have a turbulent day today. “X-class flares” predicted. That sounds straight out of a Marvel movie. I don’t imagine that will help cool off Socal.