Weekend news

I never thought I’d be a junkie. But here I am, day after day, getting up at 530am for my first drugs then killing time for eight hours until I can get the next fix. It’s a shitty way to live. Fortunately I get to quit cold turkey in about eight days.


Our friends T&T are off shopping for real estate on the Carolina coastline. A great adventure for them, but we’ll hate seeing them leave Socal (like almost all our other west coast friends). I hope they shop with a 2-3 foot sea level rise in mind – it’s happening, inevitably. They don’t call the southern end of that coast The Low Country for nothing.


Whoa! Talk about life imitating art. I’m a big fan of Octavia Butler’s writing, but I missed this. In 1998 Butler wrote about a Christo-fascist American society with a nation slogan of “Make America Great Again”. !?!? I wonder if Trump’s behind the scenes gang “borrowed” this from Butler’s book. Kinda doubtful, I don’t think Butler is Stephen Miller or Steve Bannon’s cuppa tea.

Then one of the commenters pointed this out. Seems obvious that this is the most likely source of Trump’s MAGA cult slogan.

And finally today, polymath Casey Handmer’s company has announced its product – The Terraformer. Revolutionary, out-of-the-box thinking. This’ll require some reading and thought, but I think I want one. Or more likely, I’d invest in a partnership to buy/install one. Love the way this guy thinks.