Not the usual day

Interesting day today – doing something other than wait-around for the next IV drugs in X hours.

  • Finally selling K’s old (2019) Jeep Cherokee to a private buyer. Meeting them today for a test drive.
  • Will get to watch way-too-early UK basketball this afternoon as we play in Canada’s Globl Jam. Weird little tourney, but I’ll take any opportunity to watch UK hoops. UK’s team = Team USA for this tournament.
  • Attending only my second company meeting since falling ill. It’s an online meeting, so minimal time and stress.
  • Taking time to wish my great friend Mike Delvizis a happy birthday. We’ve been friends for 50 years, a number that astounds me.


The heat wave has finally hit here. Yesterday we had a long afternoon with temps above 90F, and more of that on the way the next few days.

Don’t know if its connected to heat, but we’ve seen a lot of animal action lately. In addition to the usual owls and coyotes every night, during the day we’ve had snake incursions. Not rattlesnakes, fortunately, but their nemesis – king snakes. We’ve had three or four king snakes hanging around the house. One big one got in the front door, hanging around on the cool brick flooring, and a smaller one in the back door nicely splayed out on our carpet. We’ve had stop keeping any doors open. While it’s OK to find a king slithering across your floor in the open, having one of then decide the bedroom or the bed would be a good place to nest…nightmares.

King snakes are definitely the good guys, so we gently coax them back outdoors and hope they go find a rattler to attack.