Political Friday

Here’s some good electoral demographics news. The younger and educated crowd may save us yet.

And Democrats need some good news. With friends like these, who needs enemies. Manchin and Sinema – sanctimonious, money-grubbing, attention-grabbing, insincere and unserious asshats.

And in Alabama, if you don’t like the legal ruling, just ignore it. Gotta keep the black man down.

The wheels of justice turn slowly, especially if you’re trying to convict a former President. Trump’s judge-in-the-pocket Aileen Cannon gave Trump most of the delay he wanted. The classified document trial will now be held in the thick of the 2024 election race. That’ll be interesting.

This Lukovich cartoon says it all about football coach turned Senator Tommy Tuberville. And they call themselves “patriots”.

In non-political news, we lost a great one today – Tony Bennett. Gone at 96. I dearly love his duo recordings with KD Lang.