Inclusion? Not so much…

The inmates are running the asylum at UCLA. If you express an honest thought or doubt, the DEI police will come after you. Doesn’t sound much like inclusion to me.

The whole DEI thing has become a cult using HR as the thought police, and employment/advancement as the weapon. Diversity? Great, we’re all for it so long as your thoughts and speech agree with ours. Sign right here. Equity? Well, equal opportunity wasn’t enough, so now we need equal outcomes. My community college failing sister-in-law deserves the same compensation as that privileged boomer Nobel Prize winner. Equity, right? And inclusion? Dude, we’d love for you to join our cult. Just keep your mouth shut, tow the party line and we won’t have to hurt that nice little career you have. Capishe?

Yeah, I know, I sound like the old get-off-my-lawn guy. But a set of principles alleging to promote inclusiveness, then used as a weapon against any dissenters, rubs me the wrong way. Fucking hypocrites.

And yes, this kind of wrongheadedness exists across the whole political spectrum. In a mirror image action, here’s a bunch of knuckle draggers who will be happy to be your neighbor, but only if you join their little flag fetish cult. I’ve been known to fly the American flag on holidays, but these guys…a whole different level of virtue signalling. And weaponized behavior rules.

I guess I woke up a little cranky this morning. It happens.

And oh yeah, it’s the 4th of July. If you want to know what that really means, go read some Heather Cox Richardson. Not just her Independence Day post, but everything she’s written lately. That lady should be named our US National Historian.