Middle of night

I never do this (write in the middle of the night), but being stuck in a hospital bed/room calls for some extraordinary measures to keep my mind off the situation. Plus, the sticklepoker is due here soon.

Sticklepoker: noun, refers to a nightmarish creature that wakes one up at 4am each morning with a creepy laugh and sticks one with a myriad of devices designed to suck blood from your body. Particular evil sticklepokers are not happy with one penetration of the skin; they poke and stick at multiple sites before settling on a spot for their leechy pleasure. Once finished, they cackle and scuttle away to their next victim.

I’m having a hard time getting interested in current events, political or otherwise. SCOTUS needs a hard reset, the Republican “party” is now nothing more than a Trump cult, Biden’s economic policies and actions continue to benefit Americans (Democrats, please get a media/comms consultant), and celebrities…meh, who the fuck cares.

We watched the latest Marvel/Dr. Strange movie yesterday, and I was underwhelmed. Put off, in fact – the movie sucked. Give me some real drama with real people, please.