Great days

I normally write/post stuff in the mornings, but this evening I’m all wound up. Can’t get to sleep, so I might as well write.

Spent a lot of time this evening watching old 70s-80s music videos, reminiscing about those days. It was great. Bonnie Raitt, the Guess Who, Marvin Gaye, Bread, and a bunch of other bands I don’t remember but we all remember their songs. The feelings they conjure up can’t be replicated – the songs of your youth are with you forever. Listening to them had a big effect on me.

Fishing with the boys today was also a great memory. Hudson was a lot of fun, he can actually fish now, and Jesse just need to be wrangled. Hudson didn’t catch a fish, and I intend to fix that ASAP. I remember my first caught fish, 60 years later. And I remember Emily’s first fish. I want that for him.

Being here (KY) in the summer is a whole different ball game. The region is alive (though hot), the days are long, and the fireflies are active in the back yard. It’s kind of magical. In the winter months for the boys, it’s all school and some extracurricular shit. In the summer, it’s whatever we want to do. Fishing, hiking, golf, biking, relaxing inside…it’s all there for the taking. So what if the weather is kinda rugged – the payoff of fun time with the guys is huge.

Bottom line, it’s shaping up to be a great June.