Rando news from June 1st

No shit, Sherlock.

Trump’s legal troubles continue, mostly because he can’t keep his mouth shut. Classic. Though Jeff Teidrich said it much better than me.

I’ll have what she’s having. “A study has revealed a genetic mutation that allows a woman to live virtually without pain, without fear, without anxiety, and with rapid-healing ability.” Wow!

Big-time irony here: CDC conference cursed by Covid outbreak, 181 infected. The virus doesn’t give a damn who you are, it just does its thing.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists just published some wild shit on brain hacking. Yikes!

It’s official – Oscar Tshiebwe won’t be back next season at UK. The best rebounder I’ve ever seen is going to the NBA. With this and other player news, I’m officially worried about the team. Not looking good.