Perchance to dream

I had a very, very vivid dream this morning. I dreamed pretty much an entire science fiction story, and woke up speaking the lines of the main character. I mean, the words went straight from my dream to my voice. Like reading a script. Weird; never had that happen before.

The details are slipping away even now, but the main idea and key events remain. I’ll try to hold on to those.


I don’t think anyone saw this coming. We’ve changed the tilt of Earth’s axis by almost three feet, just by pumping groundwater out of aquifers. Damn. Changing the axial tilt of a planet…that’s some god-level, straight out of a Marvel comic shit right there.


Speaking of water, today my clan goes to Taylorsville Lake for a pontoon boat journey Fathers Day event. The weather looks fine, and a day or even a morning on a lake won’t suck. It’s not clear if the grandsons will go – they’ve been sick – but it’ll be fun nonetheless. Life gets real simple floating around on a slow boat.