Jet lag

It’s 7am on the Left Coast and I’ve been up quite a while. Not surprising. Yesterday’s travel day went well aboard two 100% packed Southwest flights. I dodged a bullet on the second flight when a Mongo-sized guy (had to be 6 foot 8 and wide) decided to sit somewhere else after he eyed the middle seat next to me. I ended up with a normal-sized seatmate, a nap and a good book.

So back to Board meetings, exercise, chores to take care of, and June gloom. No more T-ball for a while (picture below). And hopefully a restart on creative writing. There’s a contest I’d like to enter that will require me to write a complete novel in 75 days. I’m in.

The big news this morning is that the President’s son Hunter the Disheveled plead guilty to a couple of federal charges, tax evasion and unlicensed guns. This should end the saga of MAGA-land shouting about Biden family corruption, but it probably won’t. For me it says a lot about Biden’s commitment to “…no one is above the law”. His own DOJ is prosecuting his son. And it should reduce the volume of the what-about-ism when discussing Trump’s crimes.

On Trump, it sure seems he’s headed for a reckoning. It’s taken a long time, but I hope the walls finally close in around him. All career politicians have a sleaze factor, but he’s the Sleaze King.