Timing is everything

I can’t stand it. I bought Tesla shares a year ago and it immediately began an epic drop in stock price. Immediately, like the next day. It sank relentlessly, day after day. I said, well OK, I’m a long term investor, so I held on hoping it would come back. After crash landing and languishing around $100/share forever, it finally started to climb and I sold on June 7 for $220/share, feeling pretty good about it.

As soon as I sold, Tesla began an equally epic run upward and today, a week later, it broke $260/share. Fuck.

All anyone would have to do is follow my stock picks and do the opposite. Bet big against me. They’d be wealthy fast.


I had big plans for this morning, mostly creative writing. But here I sit with my head full of mush, barely keeping my eyes open. All because two giant trucks sloooooowly backed their way down our street at 430am, backup beeps blaring. I couldn’t get back to sleep after that. Partly because my neighbors and I may have caused the 430 disruption.

Let me explain. A week ago two large, almost 18-wheeler sized trucks began parking at the south end of my street, right across from our house. Every night at 5-530pm they would arrive, and every morning at 6ish they would leave to go who-knows-where. My neighbors and I weren’t happy about that, so last night we conspired to park our cars strategically, leaving no room for said trucks.

They apparently just parked at the south end of our street (that won’t make that crowd of neighbors happy) and then backed their way out of our street early and with much noise. Leaving me and I’m sure others groggy and sleep deprived this morning.

At this point, what are our options? I honestly don’t know if their parking commercial vehicles in a residential neighborhood is legal. It shouldn’t be, but that’s the first question. And if it isn’t, will the police actually do anything about it?

Right now I’m too tired to sort it all out. But this is the kind of problem you never see coming.