Summer day

If I can believe the news today, Trump’s indictment for some serious crimes is imminent. Same for Ken Paxton, the piece of shit TX attorney general criminal. I’ll believe it when I see it, but hope springs eternal.

Big day today. Taking the elder grandson fishing, and I’m armed with everything I should need to pull his first fish out of water – new rods/reels, new tackle, bread for bluegill, smelly bait for catfish. No worms unfortunately; I really don’t know where the closest bait shops might be – probably up on the Ohio somewhere. Wish us luck. Then this evening we’re taking both the boys to Top Golf. In between that I’m making a few bucks by writing a proposal for my tech company. A fulfilling summer day.

BTW, congrats to the folks who do the KY Fish and Wildlife website. It took me about 90 seconds to buy the proper fishing license. It’s a nice, informative and efficient website. Quite rare, actually.