Life is short

What a difference a day makes. With a combination of acidic water (vinegar, citrus), some OTC pain meds, and lots of support from my wife, my medical problem seems to have passed. This was a wakeup call – I’m changing some lifestyle habits so I (hopefully) never have to go through that again. It was…horrific. Still going to the MD today for a checkup.

Lots of wakeup calls lately, actually. Life is short. Time to start acting like it.

Meanwhile, out in the world, billionaires acting like children. These dudes are just toxic.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. We need ethics clamps on SCOTUS, ASAP. Alito is a monster who needs to be caged.

Finally, I’d say this is some very bad news for Trump. Pretty much exactly the same crime, and she got four years prison time without parole. Precedent, anyone?