The Last Days of May

I’ve gotten involved in yet another gun culture/control discussion with my “neighbors” on NextDoor. You’d think I would learn. But 90%-ish of people aren’t really willing to discuss. They just have a POV they want to hammer home.

I’ll be back in KY this weekend, and it’s supposed to be hot. That’ll be a real change from Socal, where it’s cool (borderline cold) and damp again. Groundhog Day. I know the sun will get here eventually, but geez.

On cameras, I’ve pretty well decided to get rid of my expensive Fuji gear and just stick with the iPhone 14, plus what’s called a bridge camera. It does one of the only things the iPhone won’t do, and that’s take pictures with a high magnification optical zoom. Something like the Nikon P1000 or the Canon SX-70. I’m leaning toward the Canon. 65x zoom oughta be enough.

Don’t know exactly what’s going on with Tesla, but they broke the $200 barrier a couple of days this week. Not quite high enough for me to consider cashing out, but it’s going the right direction. My Tesla buy a year ago was really poor timing. There’s a reason I use index funds and a professional brokerage team. I suck at stock picking.

And finally, given the date, I can’t help but hear this great song in my head – Blue Oyster Cult, The Last Days of May. Best BOC song ever.

They’re okay the last days of May, but I’ll be breathin’ dry air
I’m leaving soon, the others are already there (all there)
You wouldn’t be interested in coming along, instead of staying here?
It’s said the West is nice this time of year, that’s what they say

That’s what they say….

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