Mothers’ Day

Rainy party day planned for today. Jessamine turns three today, and it’s Mothers’ Day. Happy Mothers’ Day to all you mothers of any kind out there – moms, stepmoms, grandmoms, wanna-be moms, etc. You’re pretty much the glue that holds civilization together. Hang in there.


Got back on the horse bike yesterday and took a long ride from starting in Broad Run and deep into Turkey Run. About 16 miles total, done at a fast pace. My legs could feel it last night. The e-bikes make the hills doable, but there’s still enough pedaling to challenge someone like me. And it’s beautiful out there.


Local taco shops rated, by a Socal resident who knows his Mexican food:

  • Taco Luchadore – I’ll give them a C. Tasty, but tiny tacos and expensive. Not likely to go there again.
  • Condado Tacos – Meh. Maybe a B, maybe worse. Very irregular quality and has a fast-food vibe.
  • Taco Choza – A solid A. Great tacos, generous size, and oh so tasty. And reasonably priced.

I’ll shop around for some more to evaluate.

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