The big news

I spent the first part of the day playing little kids games with the grandsons, and the second part of the day holed up at home napping and watching a movie. It’s been a very, very retired day.

I’ve had little time to ponder what happened at the end of my great day yesterday – Trump getting indicted by the NY DA.

It feels good to see a step toward bringing him to justice, but it’s a long, long way from a conviction. He’s still Teflon Don. I expect several things to happen:

  1. The other legal trouble he’s in, mostly in Georgia for election fraud, will escalate. Now that NY has broken the indictment ice, there’s no reason for anyone else to hold back.
  2. Trump’s popularity among his loyal 30-40% will go up – he’s now their martyr.
  3. Trump will fundraise the hell out of this situation. Being indicted will probably bring him an extra $100 million or so.
  4. It’s hard to predict the outcome of this NY Stormy Daniels case, but the Georgia case…when they indict, he will be convicted of crimes. His punishment…who the hell knows? How do you imprison a guy with lifetime Secret Service protection?

We’re living in strange times, and I hope our legal system upholds the principle that no one is above the law. That’s a big ask, but we need it. You do a crime, you do the time.

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