Sleep deprived

Another day, another mass shooting at a school. This time the shooter is a trans person, born female but identifying as male. That will muddy the story but perhaps clarify the motive. In any event, another unnecessary tragedy that might have been averted with gun control.

I try hard to make this blog more about travel and events, less of a diary, but today it’s tough. For some weird reason I had the worst night’s sleep in memory. Woke up feeling much tireder (is that even a word?) than when I went to bed. Eyes won’t focus; just exhausted. Zero alcohol yesterday. I *did* go to bed pretty late, 1130ish. But damn, this morning is rough. I need to figure out what’s going on.

Reading lots of articles about the upcoming Final Four, most predicting UConn as the winner. I’m picking the Aztecs for the championship, with the final game between SDSU and UConn. I’m a believer, go Aztecs! I’ve decided to have an open basketball marriage, in relationships with both Kentucky and SDSU. (I live in both places, so why not?) I’ll be in KY for the Aztecs’ first game and in San Diego for the championship.

I have finally, finally restarted my novel and am making progress. I read about an author who wrote her recent book in six weeks and I felt ashamed. If they can do it, so can I. Well, only if I get this sleep deprivation thing under control. Right now I feel about as creative as…well, I can’t complete that thought. Case closed.

My workout today is going to be a bitch. An evil bitch. But I’ll push through it – maybe that’s what I need to trigger a better night’s sleep.

Update: The workout wasn’t as bad as expected, but now I just want to lay down and sleep in my pool of sweat. Nice image, and the reality is probably worse.