Bits and pieces

Florida is on a roll. Anyone not white and male is in the crosshairs. What a miserable, miserable place it has become.

Trump’s legal woes continue. The NY prosecutor seems ready to indict (financial fraud), and the same in GA (election tampering). Now the special prosecutor in the DoJ classified documents case has said that there are “criminal violations” evident in the case. I suspect when the first indictment is announced, the others will follow quickly. Can’t happen fast enough, IMHO. I wonder, does he get Secret Service protection for a perp walk?

Someone needs to rescue DPRreview from Amazon’s ham-handed cost cutting. DPR is one of the best photography websites out there, period. I’ve read DPR for a couple of decades. If they GoFundMe the site, I would contribute. Dumb move, Amazon. But I understand – with your 2022 gross profit a mere $225 billion (up 14% from 2021), things must be feeling a little tight. I totally get it.

Well, that’s it for Wordle. Every possible solution, visualized.

While I’m here in KY, the rain continues to fall in CA. Looks like this year will be Fallbrook’s 2nd highest rainfall total in 20+ years, surpassed only by the massive storms we had the first year we moved there. We’re on track to get 25 inches of rain this season, more than double our average. But to put that in perspective, Louisville, not considered a particularly wet city, gets 44 inches per year. It’s raining here today.

I like this idea a lot. Don’t send force, send empathy. Well done, Louisville.