Friday roundup

An actual winter is hanging on here in Socal. Three nights in a row we’ve set a new all-time record for the low temperature on that date – 39, 36, and 40 degrees. Not exactly Arctic, but cold enough to get your attention. We’re burning a lot of firewood at night and then relying on our solar panels to offset the carbon we just freed into the world <sarcasm>.


In political news, national treasure Heather Cox Richardson explains why Ron Desantis is worse than the election deniers and IMHO worse than Trump. The deniers are like shrill children, repeating what they want to be true over and over, ignoring reality. Irritating, but not that smart. Desantis is a stone cold calculated editor of history, attacking books, education, language, and culture with every tool he’s got. Any mention of equality of sexes or races; any mention of the wrongs our ancestors committed to build America; any mention of non-Christian values – those are being systematically eradicated by Desantis’ new history police. It’s Orwellian, and happening right before our eyes. Desantis is destroying Florida, and he can’t be allowed to do the same to all 50 states.

And just today, a FL bill was introduced that would require bloggers who write anything about Desantis to register with the state. This is some hard-core Soviet era shit.

Maybe it’s time to move on to a new home address and do this.


Finally today, BMW engineering is always impressive. Here’s their new EV motor (I want one).