Busy day

A lot happened in 24 hours:

  • UK lost their first and only game in the SEC tournament.
  • It rained another inch+ in Fallbrook.
  • Somehow I left my iPad in my hotel room. It’s now either in the hotel’s Lost and Found or in a housekeeper’s home.
  • Silicon Valley Bank crashed and burned.
  • I read a great book. My run of shitty picks is over.

The UK game was just heartbreaking. Kentucky men’s basketball hasn’t won a post-season game since the spring of 2019, four years ago. Just like Covid broke the world, it seems to have broken UK hoops too. We still have the NCAA tournament to look forward to, but this team is such a heartbreaker that I don’t expect much.

Leaving the iPad was just dumb. I was still sleepy when I packed up and headed downstairs for breakfast and my meetings. I’ve gotten into the habit of leaving the iPad on my bed when I get up, and I did the same in the hotel. I’d like to think that I’ll get it back, but I give it about 50/50. At least I won’t lose any files/data/pictures/etc. They’re all backed up via iCloud.

As demonstrated by my getting to finish Alex North’s amazing book The Whisper Man this morning on my Mac. The Kindle reader doesn’t care what device you use, all the books are in the cloud. The Whisper Man is a crime novel, a love story, a horror story, and 100% great. That dude knows how to conclude a chapter with a shocking sentence that requires you to turn the page, to read more. You don’t get a choice, you have to read more. Highly recommended. I’m sad that I don’t think I’ll ever write anything that good.


Update – I finally reached someone at the hotel, and they say they have my iPad. I’m actually surprised…restores a little faith in the goodness of people. Time for a drive back down there today to retrieve it.