Great day

What a great day. Even though I didn’t sleep well, the daylight hours have made up for it. Beautiful day, and I managed to balance indoor and outdoor activities.

I shook off the sleep fatigue and managed a solid three hours of writing. Happy with the results. My editing brain was fully engaged. Many improvements made.

Then I had my Thursday session with the trainer. Not as hard as I expected, and I always feel good after. A shower, then back to writing a while.

Took a lunch break for a salad at Green District. While driving there and back, I got to enjoy the redbud that’s blooming all over town. Dogwood blooms are right behind the redbud…I love this time of year. Redbud almost makes me want to believe in god. It’s that perfect.

Then a short nap, then more writing. Mid-afternoon I went to visit the grandsons, and had a fun time with them playing in the yard until they had to take off with their Dad for haircuts. They left me out of that activity – I can’t understand why. 😉 So I decided to come home and relax a bit. First, a session with old Rush videos on Youtube, then sitting out on my tiny front porch with some Spanish wine while the sun is still out. The Rush videos are awesome – I smile every time I see those dudes in their prime. They’re not for everyone, but if you can get past Geddy Lee’s voice, they’re one of the 2-3 best rock bands ever. Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, and Neal Peart. Rock gods, immortal.

During all that K got her birthday present, her new car, and we had a good time chatting about that over iPhones. She’s happy, so I’m happy.

Finally, I chatted with neighbors while sitting on my porch, enjoying the last bit of sunlight. Porch sitting, a very KY thing.

All in, a damn great day. Highly recommended.

Miserable thoughts

I may be the most informed person in all of America. I spent hours last night reading political, sports, science, and even entertainment websites because I couldn’t sleep. So now when I get up in the morning, there’s nothing left to read and I’m too groggy to write anything but a short essay. It’s a miserable way to start the day.

It’s raining again in Fallbrook, so we’re now up to 25 inches, the second-largest rainfall season in at least 20 years. More than double the average. It’ll be green when I return, though watch out for this year’s fire season.

I’m really interested in learning how ChatGPTx can be used to manage projects. One thought is to produce great requirements and specification documents. Take transcripts of interviews with stakeholders talking about what the thing being built must be or do (a system, a building, a software module, etc.) and allow the GPT to produce properly-formatted requirements matrices and documents from that input. This could save 100s or 1000s of hours in a large project, plus increase the quality of project documentation. I assume every big consulting company is thinking along the same lines. If I were to get back into the workforce as a systems analyst and use ChatGPTx, I could produce 10x the results I used to.

I have to do a shout-out to The Gralehaus for an excellent brunch yesterday. Such a tiny little place, and everything they push out of their kitchen is great. The waitress there tells me that I’m the only person who has laughed about the chef names listed on the menu: Chefs David Burnt and another play on Brian Eno that I can’t remember.