Go Aztecs!

It’s April Fool’s Day. The beginning of Q2. And the first day of Final Four weekend.

We had some big downpours in Louisville last night – woke me up so I got up and watched the lightning and buckets of rain. Pretty impressive – it came down at a rate of over an inch per hour. According to MSD, my part of Louisville has gotten 14 inches of rain so far in 2023. That’s more than we get in an average year in Fallbrook.

I won’t be back for 3+ weeks, so I’ll miss the rapid blooming of everything here beyond redbud, daffodils and dogwood. By the time I get back this part of KY will be verdant (I like that word), green and growing. Something to look forward to.

Today I drive to Mt. Sterling to see an old friend, so I’ll see a LOT of redbud along the interstate. Back in time for the big game, though. Go Aztecs!

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