Spring color

I’ve taken some pretty shots around Fallbrook lately – we’ve had a few sunny days. Here are a couple of shots of a micro-park just outside of the village.

The park is called The Palomares House – I don’t know the history of it, but now I’ll; have to look it up.

Most days of the year it’s unremarkable. But this year, the rain has produced a bounty of flowers.

Then of course there’s Kathryn’s labyrinth on the lower section of our property. It looks great this time of year.

What we’ve become

The all too predictable news about a family in TX, shot dead by the man they asked to stop shooting rifles in his front yard, is a sad reminder of the state of our culture. Offend someone, get shot. The cartoon below says it perfectly. What a terrible society we’ve become.

I used to think that folks saying they would leave the country fleeing gun culture, or abortion laws, or expensive health care, or the surveillance state, were over-reacting. Now I’m not so sure. If I were starting out in adult life, starting a family, I can think of quite a few places that would make more sense to live.

I want to be clear, I love America and appreciate the life and opportunity I’ve had here. But the America I experienced is disappearing, and this new version is…not good.