Gathering of ghouls

Lots of news this weekend from CPAC, that gathering of ghouls from what’s left of the Republican party. Foremost among the news:

  • Herr Trump is still their authoritarian leader
  • Kari Lake (!!) polled as the favorite running mate for Trump
  • Trump said he will run even if he is under indictment (likely)

A Trump-Lake ticket would be the ultimate reality-denier team. Both are pathological liars capable of saying pretty much anything. They would be loved by the 30% forever-Trump cult, so they would start the election with that as a voter base.

The Democrats need a practical, votable candidate – not an 80-something success story. I love what Biden’s done the last two years, but we need to take his age, stamina and cognition off the table for voters. Who can take on the Reality Denial team? That’s the biggest question for 2024, and we’re running out of time for the answer.

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