In a rut

This is alarming. The H5N1 bird flu virus has gone species hopping in Peru, killing loads of sea lions. Species hopping indicates mutation, and H5N1 has already proven its ability to infect Homo Sapiens.

While there have been 135 humans who have died from H5N1 since January 2003, all of these cases are thought to have been the result of direct transmission from human contact with infected birds. If we begin to see human-to-human transmission, and if the high death rate we’ve seen so far in human cases holds (WHO puts that rate currently at 56%), we’ll be in for a situation that’s almost too dire to comprehend.

56%! Covid had a mortality rate of 2-3% – 56% would be apocalyptic. Let’s hope that H5N1 decides not to bother with human-human infection.


Kentucky plays their final regular-season hoops game today against Arkansas. Fingers crossed for a final W in a weird season. Oddsmakers have UK losing to Ark in a close game. Hope they’re wrong.


Another great musician dies – David Lindley. His work on Jackson Browne songs were and are perfection.


I’m in a book rut – reading, not writing. (Actually, kinda both, but this is about reading). I keep selecting Kindle books to read that suck. I don’t know if it’s my own bad choices or Amazon’s recommendation engine, but half of the last 10-12 books have been just awful. I gave the last one 1-star, something I almost never do just due to empathy for the author. I think I have to start selecting books at random to (a) explore new authors/genres, and (b) to reset Amazon’s recommendation algorithm. Wish me luck as I wander off the reservation.

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