The trifecta

What a terrible night. Slept only an hour or so at a time, and each time I either dreamed of or woke up thinking about all the big mistakes I’ve made, professional and personal. Kind of a greatest screwups list. Stuff I hadn’t thought about in years came back to haunt me. Maybe this is some kind of PTSD after all the shit that’s gone down lately. Whatever it is/was, today I’m a walking zombie.

In other good news, the airport that we’re flying to and from for the Norway trip has just been revealed as a hot mess, with severe operational problems. Great. I checked our KLM tickets, and they’re changable but not refundable. At this stage changing anything is a crap shoot, so we may have to just stick with the plan and hope that Schiphol isn’t as fucked up as the article says.

Making the trifecta, last night Jessamine got sick and is going to the MD today with what is likely croup. That backs up today’s article in NPR about kids getting lots more respiratory illnesses this year.

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