Perfect seat

I had a perfect seat at the bar of the Ashland hotel. Padres wild card game on one big screen, UK vs South Carolina on the other, right in front of me. The two or three people around me switched to my fave bourbon, Noah’s Mill, based on my order. I’m an influencer – who knew?

It would have been perfect except for one guy next to me who was loud, pushy, and irritating. Think Ned Ryerson the life insurance salesman in Groundhog Day. That guy. He couldn’t stop pounding me on the shoulder and talking loudly about nonsense.

So now I’m in my room with one screen, keeping track of the UK football game on computer. I just couldn’t take the Ned treatment any longer. But it’s probably good that I can’t order another Noah’s.

Once more into the breach

Wow, straight out of the movies. This has political conspiracy written all over it. An assassination with close ties to Trump and Mar a Lago. Someone is cleaning up the loose ends.


A new take on the white man’s burden. Yeah, this guy wins the “doesn’t understand irony” award for the day. What an asshole.


Pythons. One more reason to stay away from Florida. It’s a tragedy that these rapidly reproducing top predators have been introduced to the US. We should just dig a wide canal across the northern part of Florida and turn it into an island.


I’m in a bit of a mood this morning because it’s another funeral weekend in eastern KY. There are some bright spots – I’m told the leaves are quickly turning to red, gold and orange on the route to Ashland. So that’s something. Plus I get to spend some good time with the grandsons today (driving them to Ashland) and tomorrow (at their grandmother’s house). So maybe things even out.


Speaking of funerals, I’m pretty sure this is where I want to end up. It’s cheaper than a traditional burial, and knocks a few last things off my bucket list. I should go ahead and purchase my “seat” now. I hope some friends come to the launch party.