Plan B

My plan for the day went to hell. Was supposed to do a final tuneup round before leaving for the NOLA golf tourney this weekend, but with 93 degree heat this afternoon (see below, new record, woo hoo), it’s not happening. I’ve learned the hard way that heat exhaustion is my Achilles’ Heel. So…staying inside, reading, packing, trying to get my office/desk space better organized. Listening to Tame Impala (natch) on the Klipsch One, wishing for some tone controls. The Klipsch is very bass-heavy.

The Padres play game one of the NLCS this evening, and that may be today’s saving grace. I’m a fair weather baseball fan. When there’s something big on the line, the games are exciting. Mid-season, it can be real boring. Tonight should be excellent – first time the Padres have been in the championship round in about 40 years. And after beating the Dodgers, it’s all just icing on the cake.

Forget about nuclear war, this is worse

OK, the NY Post is not exactly a bastion of publishing integrity. But if this headline is true, then (a) humanity is terminally stupid, (b) heads should roll at BU, and (c) WTF are they possibly thinking? This would rank among the worst ideas in human history.

After a little more research, yep, this really happened. As reported by Stat, a reputable medical journal. This is *exactly* how Stephen King ended the world in The Stand.

All it will take is one tiny mistake and this civilization-ending virus gets loose.

We are a stupid people…