Water, water…nowhere?

I’m not reading anything about this, but I’m starting to get worried about a drought east of the Rockies. Or maybe across the entire latitude band from the Ohio River to the Rhine River. River traffic on both rivers (and the Mississippi) is extremely curtailed due to low water levels. All those Viking river cruise commercials you see, those cruises are shutting down because the rivers are too low. I’ve been on the Rhine; it’s a *big* river. And the Mississippi’s problems are telling – if it’s low, that means all the tributaries are low. Louisville is about as dry as I’ve ever seen it – it’s been a very dry Autumn so far.

Of course we’re still in the worst three-year drought period in history in Socal, just overtaking the most recent previous three-year period for the record. The drought west of the Rockies is bad, real bad. If we lose the wet zone east of the Rockies…time to move to Alaska. This looks like a good place to live.