Saved by music

Wow, what a long travel day. Arrived home in Socal at 1130pm Pacific time, or 230am Eastern, my originating time zone. A little past my bedtime. But I held up surprisingly well, no thanks to Southwest. I attribute my travel stamina and patience with the delays to two things. One, the most excellent Joella’s kale crunch salad (with hot chicken) I had before leaving for the airport. Eating nothing for the next 12 hours was easy. And second, listening to Tame Impala the entire second flight, from Denver to San Diego. My seatmates may have cast some side eye at the old guy with headphones obviously enjoying his music, but it got me through the worst part of any late-night flight – the last couple of hours.

I *never* listen to music on a flight, but that might have to change. I wasn’t sure it would even work – streaming Youtube music across aircraft satellite-based Wifi service is nothing short of a miracle, which I’ll have to write up in another post. But it did work, and I bounced around listening to all of my Parker favorites: Let It Happen, Lost in Yesterday, Breathe Deeper, Is it True, It Might Be Time, The Less I Know the Better, and many more. The music is so upbeat, and the lyrics! His chanting-style repetition gets in your head and won’t let go. For me, it’s a complete mood-setter. Normally I would have been tired and discouraged at being stuck in a seat for hours, late at night, but listening to Parker’s songs I was happy and energized. Better than a drug.

Now I have to listen to some of the same songs on my home system. I hope they have the same effect in high fidelity.