Sports day in NOLA

Twenty seven holes of golf and I’m sore as hell – haven’t gotten much exercise lately, and it shows. Jon and I did well, finishing either first or second after day one (all the scores weren’t in when we left). Eighteen holes tomorrow will decide the match.

Beautiful, beautiful weather here in NOLA this weekend. I can’t complain about the weather I’ve seen lately – the entire two+ weeks in Louisville, we had cool clear weather. Same here – more like warm and clear, and low humidity.

On the course today there was a local chicken place (Redbird, I think?) serving wings on hole #8. These were the best wings I’ve ever had – crispy, hot, perfectly fried and not messed up with sauce. The guy cooking onsite really knew what he was doing. in fact, those wings were the difference in my game. Pre-wings, I was really struggling, and so was our team. Post-wings, we dominated.

Watching the Padres-Phillies game tonight, and so far the Phillies look much better than the Pads. But it’s tied at 1-1 in the 4th. I may have to just check the score in the morning – likely to be an early bedtime tonight.