Watch out for this one

Here’s a snippet from the latest “Letters From An American” email. Any politician taking this position should be immediately disqualified to hold office. It’s just breathtakingly smug – they’re not hiding who they are anymore, and we should believe them. They don’t believe in elections, they believe in power. And they intend to hold it.

In an interview this morning with CNN’s Dana Bash, Arizona Republican nominee for governor Kari Lake refused to say that she would accept the results of the upcoming election– unless she wins. Former president Trump said the same in 2020, and now more than half of the Republican nominees in the midterm elections have refused to say that President Joe Biden won the 2020 election because, they allege, there was voter fraud. This position is an astonishing rejection of the whole premise on which this nation was founded: that voters have the right to choose their leaders. 

That right was established in the Declaration of Independence separating the 13 British colonies on the North American continent from allegiance to King George III. That Declaration rejected the idea of social hierarchies in which some men were better than others and should rule their inferiors. Instead, it set out a new principle of government, establishing that “all men are created equal” and that governments derive “their just power from the consent of the governed.” 

This is particularly concerning because Kari Lake is perhaps the most dangerous newcomer on the Republican/Trumper side. She is intelligent, well-spoken, a polished media star – and an absolute monster in terms of policy. She’s Trump in much better packaging. I predict that MAGAworld will elevate her right to the top of their cult as soon as she gets to be better known.

Given the infantile, id-driven, and media-influenced behavior of about 40% of our voters, Lake is a perfect candidate.