Best of – Louisville

This one takes in a lot of territory – I figure I’ll have to do this feature several times to show off all the better pictures. But here’s a set.

First up, Kathryn’s iPhone photo of the 2017 full eclipse. We drove two hours south to get in the path of the umbra. took us four hours to get home but it was worth it.

That was also the week that Hudson was born. Portentous. Hudson at soccer practice below.

Our spring trip to Louisville this year yielded some excellent flower photos. Here’s one from Yew Dell Gardens.

The headline picture above the title is one of the few pictures with me in it that I like. Early days with Jesse. I drove cross country for this moment.

Next, limestone cliffs, running streams, moss and greenery. That’s the essence of KY for me. It’s the exact opposite of Socal.

One thought on “Best of – Louisville

  1. I took a walk at Yew Dell today. It was lovely. I don’t consider late summer a beautiful time in Kentucky but they know how to make the most of this transition time.

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