Birthday season

I think the birthday season – July and August for my family – is at least as tough on the diet as the Christmas string of celebrations. Today is my youngest brother’s birthday and we’re throwing him a little party/feast. Looking forward to it, but that’s after cookouts on July 4, my birthday string of excesses, summer guests, a couple of invites to friends’ houses…let’s just say that any attempts to eat healthy during this period are futile. I know, it’s possible to have a celebratory meal without overdoing it, but that’s not how we roll. Nothing says “we love you” like a charcuterie board, good red wine and a big juicy steak. I might have a little Viking in my genes.

We (I) shouldn’t eat the way we did in our 30s, but decades-long habits are hard to break. My brother is celebrating his last birthday before the big six-O, in fact the last of all of us in his 50s. So it’s probably time (past time) to rethink how we celebrate the birthday season. End of an era and all that.

I resolve that for next year’s birthday season to do something healthy-ish on each event, rather than the Viking feast. Go kayaking or take a hike. Call it a concession to age and entropy.

All that said, Happy Birthday, Mark! One last Viking feast awaits…

UPDATE: Viking Feast complete, no casualties (well, there is the cow), and a great day was had by all. I opened a bottle of D66 Maury wine and it exceeded expectations. Dave Phinney is a genius.