Lazy Sunday

We attended the Woodland Art Fair in Lexington yesterday, one of the best arts/crafts events of the year. It was full of art and artists, and I came away with a print by one of my favorite photographers, Dean Hill. He specializes in Eastern KY landscapes, and I purchased this view of Paintsville Lake in the spring. Gorgeous.

On the way there we made a quick stop at Spaldings. Best glazed doughnuts ever, just no contest.

The rest of the day was spent taking delivery of our first real furniture for the new KY place and installing the TV on the wall. We found some nice stuff at Redefine Design, a nice consignment shop not far from the house. Now more than one person can sit and relax. Plus we have a place to actually sit at a table for a meal. Very civilized.

I have to say, getting back to ubiquitous cell and Internet service is great after 4-5 days of being disconnected in the wilds of Colorado. Perhaps it’s good to take a break from being online, but it is…disconcerting. Online is a big part of my daily life.

No big adventures today, just minor errands and relaxing. The only event of the day is Hudson’s birthday party. Hard to believe the little guy is already four. Here he is on a hike just a couple of months ago.