I don’t think this should be much of a mystery. Pretty sure he drank it.

And sorry, but what took you so long? Defense Secretary to announce mandatory COVID vaccinations for troops ‘soon’. Answering my own question, waiting for the FDA to give full approval. Ass-covering.

Lot of these stories popping up lately. Darwin at work.

And it’s not going to take insurance companies long to weigh in on vaccination and covered illness. Their position is they won’t cover a self-inflicted or preventable problem. They’ve hovered around this position on obesity and smoking for a long time. But with COVID there is a single direct line between the disease and the prevention (vaccination), unlike obesity which is a more general negative factor.

Sad article from Texas this morning describing the divide between those vaccinated and those not. It’s social, political, religious, economic, geographic…lots of dimensions. You would think that stats like the following quote would be convincing, but apparently not: “Of the almost 8,800 who have died in Texas because of COVID-19 since early February, only 43 were fully vaccinated.”