To boldly go where no one has gone before

Just found my new favorite website. Casey Handmer writes well-reasoned, scientific essays about space travel and how it is likely to happen. For example, this essay on using the SpaceX Starship as the basis for a Moon colony is fact-filled, annotated, illustrated and compelling. Every science enthusiast and science fiction writer should bookmark this website as favorite. Topics ranging from extraterrestrial shelter, to propulsion, to space suits and orbital mechanics are covered. Love it!

You can’t tell me what to do

I backslid on the decision to stay off social media. I got involved in another debate with anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers. In the cold light of the Delta variant surge, it seems incredible to me that people hang onto their anti-vax stand. But they do.

I had to disengage from the discussion, as one individual got pretty testy. Here’s some of what he replied to me:

“Tell me why I should have to take this jab when our President allows unvaccinated, untested and potentially infected migrants into our country and transports them throughout the country. Don’t try to shame me A**hole. Protect yourself; hunker down if you think you need to, but don’t think for a moment that you’re going to tell me/us what to do.”

Tough to reason with a person like that. So I quit trying.

My MD cousin sent me this very compelling graph from the Indiana Department of Health. That site is chock full of good data.

Even a mildly educated person can look at this graph and conclude that there are some big personal health advantages for getting vaccinated. You’re less likely to go to the hospital and less likely to die. Plus, you’re less likely to spread the disease – a win for everybody.

I know, there are people who can’t or shouldn’t get the vaccine. Kids under the age of 12 (can’t under current guidelines) and immuno-compromised folks (shouldn’t). That’s not the audience here. My frustration continues to be the willfullly ignorant.

At least this year the “you can’t tell me what to do” crowd doesn’t have the quack-cure-spouting Orange Menace to stoke their feelings. That’s something.