Kinda rough start today

Gonna be a brutal hot day today – at 730am it was already 80 degrees F, versus a normal temperature of 65 at this time. High humidity too, unusual for Socal.

For a week we’ve been trying to track/manage my Dad’s health problems from afar. Tough to do. Just found out he has pneumonia, not a good thing for anyone, much less someone in their mid-80s. Nice that it’s (finally) been diagnosed, but pulling him out of his downward health/strength spiral isn’t going to be easy. We can all help, but he has to be motivated.

I should take my own advice. My formula for success is a bit different than Dad’s (mine would be eat less, walk more).

Today the USGA Men’s Amateur Championship is on TV. I get to see the best amateur golfers in America take on Oakmont, my nemesis course. It’ll be fun to see great golfers struggle on the same holes that recently kicked my butt. For example, I can’t tell you how much I hate Big Mouth.

On a final cheerful note, interesting article today in Hacker News. Turns out that we’re seeing more and more occurrences of temperatures simply not tolerable/survivable by humans. any wet bulb temp above 90 degrees F is considered dangerous, and this article tracks wet bulb temps of 95 – that can take you out fast without relief. It’s interesting to me because this is part of the backstory in my still-not-finished novel, a world in which millions are forced to migrate away from their homes because they’ve become too hot for humans and animals.

Life imitates art, a sad thing in this case.