Unhappy Friday

Oh boy. I’m getting tired of doom and gloom news, but it really *is* Friday the 13th.

This-just-in stats from Israel and the US show that the mRNA vaccines are rapidly losing effectiveness against the Delta variant. Pfizer worse than Moderna. Basically, at this date it appears that the mRNAs are 50% effective against Delta infections – not the 80% effectiveness that was assumed just a few days ago.

A newly published scientific study shows that the Lamba variant is even worse. It’s now running rampant in S America and shows enhanced ability to break through vaccination. And results in worse symptoms and outcomes.

Lots of anecdotal evidence that Delta is raging here in the US (in addition to the statistical/scientific evidence). Unlike the first 2-3 waves, this wave is touching people all around me. Just heard that a close friend is sick with COVID and stuck in a TX hotel room, quarantined alone. Another old friend in TN has a houseful of COVID breakthrough cases (four out of seven family members). And my hometown hospital in eastern KY, the largest hospital in an area the size of New Jersey, was just on the news saying their ICU is filled with Delta cases – 48 right now and growing.

That light at the end of the pandemic tunnel turned out to be a train after all. Shit.

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